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5 Questions for Search Marketing: Part 4: When?

Timing is everything. Being at the right place at the right time is another critical component of an efficient search engine marketing campaign. Knowing when a campaign will be in market, when people are searching and when they are more likely to convert is valuable information for search marketing.

Here are some tips and tools to ensure your ads appear at the right time:

Google Trends

Search volumes for certain keywords can vary throughout the year especially for seasonal products.
Google Trends is a great tool for discovering peaks and patterns for specific search terms. With this information, more budget can be allocated during peaks in search volumes. For most consumer products, search volumes peak around Black Friday and Boxing Day. Ensure you have enough budget allocated for these peaks to take advantage and not risk your campaign being out of market too early.

Delivery Method

You can set your delivery method to Accelerated to show ads more quickly until your budget is reached. If your campaign is underfunded, you risk being out of market earlier in the day and may want to set you delivery method to Standard and show ads evenly throughout the day.

Ad Scheduling

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want your ads to appear on certain days or times of the day. With ad scheduling, you have the ability to display your ads only when you want. This feature could be useful for a business wanting to display ads on weekdays during business hours.

Time Segments

Key performance metrics can be segmented by time such as day, day of the week and hour of day. This can provide valuable insights as to when certain metrics are performing better at various times. With this information, budgets and bids can be adjusted to ensure your ads are appearing at the best possible time.

Automation Rules

Automated rules can also be created to enable and pause special ads for a promotion. For example, if you run a promotion on a certain day or time, you can create a rule to enable the ad for that period and a second rule to pause the ad when the promotion expires. This rule can also be applied on a repeating basis if it’s a recurring promotion.

Asking when is an important question to consider to reach your target audience at the right time. In my final installment, I will discuss how to also reach this audience at the right place by asking another question. Where?



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