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5 Questions for Search Marketing: Part 5: Where?

As they say in the real estate business, location is everything. When it comes to search marketing, location is another important factor for your success. In this final installment, let’s look at how asking the question of where can be applied to search marketing.

Location Targeting

Where are your customers located? Campaigns can be set up to target countries, regions, provinces, cities, postal codes or even a specified radius around your store location. For example, if you have a restaurant in Toronto, you do not want to you ads showing up for someone searching in Vancouver. Choosing the right locations to target will ensure your ads appear in the right place.

Location Extensions

Just as it’s important to know where your customers are located, it is also important for your customers to know where you are located. You can extend your campaign by adding your business address with location extensions. This can help attract customers who are in close proximity or are planning to visit your store.

Location Bidding

Let’s assume you own a retail store and someone is searching for your product from the desktop at home while another person who is within a few blocks of your store is searching from their mobile device. The person searching from close proximity is more likely to visit your store and become a paying customer. Knowing where a person is at the time of their search, you can adjust your bids to attract more qualified visitors.


Using web analytics such as Google Analytics, further insights can be found by segmenting key performance metrics such as goal completions by location. Discovering where visitors are coming from who are more likely to convert can be applied to your campaign by increasing your bids for these locations or targeting them exclusively.


Where will your ads be displayed? Ads can be displayed on either the Search Network, Display/Content Network or both. Selecting the appropriate networks for where your ads should be displayed can vary depending on your objectives.

Asking basic questions like why, what, who, when and where allows search marketers to reach the right audience at the right time and at the right place.



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