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“Success is a journey, not a destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

– Arthur Ashe

“The Journey is the reward”

– Chinese Proverb

I recently became a bing Ads Accredited Professional (Woo Hoo!!!).  It’s a great feeling and nice to have another certification but the real reward was the journey.

Alright, it really wasn’t a journey per se, but my time preparing for the exam was time well spent.

I’ve been using bing Ads for a little over two years now.  I’m well aware of its features and capabilities and see myself as a novice user.  However, there is always something new to learn particularly in the search industry where nothing seems to standstill.  In an industry that is constantly evolving, not staying on top of the latest technology and trends will surely get you left behind, but I digress.

Despite my experience and knowledge with the platform I approached the bing Ads exam as I would any other exam which eerily brought me back to my University and College days.

I gathered relevant tools and resources and got to work.  I took full advantage of the bing Ads training material, took thorough notes, read blogs and articles and, most importantly, experimented and played in bing Ads after all, you study PPC by doing PPC.  That’s actually a quote from a high school math teacher who engrained in my brain ‘You study Math by doing Math’.  I feel the same is true in our industry.

Most importantly, I took the time to truly digest the material that was covered.

I am now more proficient and knowledgeable with bing Ads.  I even acquired advanced insights that I have since applied to the accounts I manage and reaping the rewards in the metrics!

To sum up, it’s great to have the certification (impress clients, bosses and slap it on your resume, or Linked profile) but the greater reward is in refining your skill set and increasing your knowledge that can be directly applied to the accounts/clients you manage.  The reward will be in the metrics.

Below are links to articles, websites and documents that will help prepare you for the bing Ads Exam.  Or, at the very least, make you a more informed search engine marketer.


Vito Andrisani

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