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Bing Ads Search Query Report

Bing Ads Search Query Report

Bing Ads Search Query Report

If you’re running a paid search campaign and want insights into actual search queries that are triggering your ads, the search query report is exactly what you’re looking for.   The report is a valuable tool for your paid search campaign, which I’ve covered in a previous blog, and one that every search marketer should be using often.

Recently, Bing Ads made some improvements to their search query report that provide greater insights into the search queries that trigger your ads.

New and Improved Search Query Report 

Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference and the recent update to the search query report in Bing Ads does just that.

The search query report now includes stop words (Ex. how, in, of, on, with etc…) and additional characters (ex. quotation mark “, ampersand &, asterisk *, etc…).  In the old incarnation of the report, Bing did not provide this information.  Small change, big difference.

Aside from providing the actual search queries, the updates to the search query report provide search marketers a greater understanding of user intent.  The example provided by Bing is that search terms in the report may now read ‘Learn golf in Seattle’, or ‘Where to learn golf in Seattle, or even ‘How to learn golf in Seattle’ whereas before, the search query that would display simple ‘Learn golf Seattle’.  This small change will go a long way to better understanding the search queries that are triggering our ads.

 What We Can Learn Moving Forward

The new and improved search query report in Bing Ads provides greater transparency to the actual search queries.  As campaign performance is dependent on the information and data available to us, these minor changes, or updates, go a long way to helping search marketers bring more value for their clients campaigns.  Here’s hoping that we see Bing continue to roll out more of these updates to Bing Ads in the near future.



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