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Date Filter Tool in Google Search

Google Search Date Filter Tool

The majority of Google users are unaware of the extensive search tools that are available to them.  The average searcher will simply input their search query and skim through the search engine results page until their search is satisfied unaware of the many tools available that may improve their search experience.  In my opinion, these tools are worth exploring.

In the post, I’m going to review the date filter tool, my favourite Google search tool, and how I use it for my job as a search engine marketer.

The tool enables search results to be filtered out to a specific date range.  It’s possible to filter results by the hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, the past year, custom range (input a start and end date), or any time.  This tool is particularly helpful If you’re looking for a specific article, report, or file and only know the publication date.

Google Search Tools - Date Range

Date Filters for Search Engine Marketers

Again, this tool is very helpful for search engine marketers.  When used in conjunction with Google trends we can identify valuable insights into causes of peaks or other abnormalities in the trend line.   For the search query ‘dog food’ there is a visible peak in searches during March of 2007.

Google Date Range - Dog Food


To understand what drove this peak in searches we turn to the date filter tool in Google search.  Using the ‘Search Tools’ option, I set the date range to Mar, 1 – 2007 – Mar 31, 2007 and viewed the search results under the ‘News’ filter.  In doing so, the search results show that there was a recall for dog food that was featured in many major media outlets and thus was the cause for the peak in dog food searches at that time.

Google Date Range - Dog Food - March 2007


From a search marketing perspective, this tool is helpful in determining both keywords and (in the example provided) negative keywords to add the campaign.

I’d highly recommend experimenting with the date range tool, and the many others offered in Google search, as they will greatly improve your search experience.



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