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Google Analytics – Acquisition Standard Reporting

The marketing world as we know is constantly evolving, not only targeting our consumers but how we measure as well. As the online market place changes, so do the platforms used to measure our marketing initiatives. Just as quickly as we become familiar with back-end tracking platforms, such as Google Analytics, they (Google), just like the rest of the world evolve. Upon logging into Google Analytics, changes to the dashboards, report types and usability all become apparent. Today I will like to dive into the newly added Acquisition Standard Reporting.

The reports found within this new format are:

All Traffic
Keywords – Paid/Organic
Cost Analysis
Search Engine Optimization

The new and improved interface has shifted focus to the conversion path of the user introducing an “ABC” type of approach; Acquisition-Behaviour- Conversion cycle. This new standard report view allows marketers to determine how users were acquired, their behaviour once on a site and visitor conversion patterns. Marketers can use this new interface to determine potential fall offs and ways to leverage user behaviour.

Included within the Analytics update is the “Channels Report”, this essentially has replaced the traditional “Sources” report and provides more detailed overview of the various ways users end up on a site. This report can be an asset to online marketers as it provides the data, statistically and visually. Marketers can determine what vehicles are driving users and where more focus may need to shifted too.┬áThere is an option in the channels report that allows you to customize the conversion type (set as a filter) and view specifically within the report itself.

The final addition, which is currently set to a Beta offering is the “Cost Analysis” standard report. This essentially allows marketers to see paid search visits, costs and revenue performance data. It will compare the data allowing the marketer to see where their strongest and weakest initiatives are.

So there you have it, just a few new ways Google is evolving their back end tracking.



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