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Google Analytics – Audience Overview

In the world of marketing today one of the most important rules, and the premise of any marketing initiative, is know your audience! As it is in any traditional marketing the same goes for the online world. Knowing who to target, in what environment and what scenario is critical for any business to reach the user at the most opportune time to complete a desired action. Google Analytics offers an Audience Overview within its standard reporting found on the dashboard and provides us with information around user demographics, behaviour and technology.

User demographics such as language and location, although very top-line can prove to be valuable insight for any marketer in the online world today. Google Analytics (GA) breaks location down both as a visual and a chart; the darker areas on the map indicate where majority of site traffic is coming from. Depending on your business goals, you may want to increase marketing initiatives in the less popular areas OR allocate more budget to the highly popular ones. GA also provides a language breakout, typically marketers know what language to target to what area but analytic data may indicate otherwise; exploring options related to that language/culture could prove beneficial in creating heightened exposure for your business.

Marketers have the ability to view whether or not the visits to their site are new or returning, how often and how recent those visits have occurred and can measure engagement levels across the board. Depending on the marketing goals, simply being able to see whether a visit is new or returning allows marketers to determine where the focus should be; new visitors to the site or maintain the existing following.

Google Analytics also offers both a Technology and Device report overview. With today’s virtual world it is important to know what type of device your target is using to end up on your site. This behaviour can be leveraged for online marketing initiatives such as Paid Search and Remarketing. The more user relevance created the better opportunity there is to reach that user in an environment most likely to complete the desired action.

These very simple and very top-line reports benefit us as marketers providing the ability to see our targets behaviour and tendencies at the click of a mouse.

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