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Google Analytics – Custom Reports

Google Analytics comes equipped with a wide variety of standard reports that provide insights to many aspects of our online marketing initiatives. However, there are some instances where we find ourselves constantly clicking back and forth between goals and advanced segments within the standard reports provided. This can grow very frustrating for some having to retain all of that information while clicking back and forth. Luckily for us, Google Analytics has provided marketers the opportunity to customize reports with the exact information and data that we need to see.

Across the top of the Google Analytics dashboard is “Customization”, this will bring you to the custom report creation screen. On the left you will click “Overview” and within that view select “+ New Custom Report”; before you know it you’ve started your first custom report. In order to create a report you will require to report on at least ONE metric and ONE dimension.

Metric – Visit, Page View, Bounce Rate, Transaction, Revenue etc.

Dimension – Source, Medium, Location, Day, Demographics, Landing Page etc.

Custom reporting allows you to create up to five Metric Groups with up to ten different metrics per group. This could be valuable for marketers who are tracking more than one goal through their web initiatives. For example, if you are tracking 3 different goals best practice would be to create 3 metric groups each tracking 1 separate goal. Once metric groups have been established up to 5 dimensions can be selected to incorporate within the report.

An optional setting provided within custom reports is the “Filter”. Very similar to Dimensions, the filter can be set to see performance data through particular dimensions, such as medium, source, landing pages etc.

These reports can be very useful for marketers tracking online initiatives without the back and forth of standard reporting.



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