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Google Analytics – Real-Time Reporting

For any online marketing professional it can sometimes be difficult to gauge the immediate impact of landing page content changes, promotions and even social networking strategies, understanding the effects of these changes is imperative to the success of your online marketing initiatives. Google Analytics offers Real-Time Reporting allowing marketers to view exactly what sort of behaviour and traffic is driving to their website.

Let’s say you have just recently updated content to a website, created additional landing pages or even launched a new site, Google Analytics will allow you to see the immediate effects of these changes as it pertains to your site. For instance, a company launches a new website; Real-Time reporting provides marketers the ability to see immediate user trends and behaviour. If you discover that visitors are browsing through a lot of pages it may raise a flag that the site is too difficult to navigate, like any site it could just be a matter of getting comfortable with the layout but nonetheless, something to keep an eye on moving forward.

Real-Time reporting can also provide insight related to the impact of social networking. If a company has implemented a social marketing strategy it is very likely that platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter and Google + are constantly being updated with new blogs, features and promotions. Marketers are able to monitor the activity on their site in relation to the timing of their social networking initiatives.

Within ONE report, we are able to determine if a user is new or returning, where the user is searching from (location), what type of device they are using, the source and type of Medium.

Just recently, Google released a trial API Beta allowing Marketers to adopt real-time tracking within the content of a website. The example I came across was a company in the vacation industry who implemented the Beta offering by placing a “tracking box” adjacent to a time-share booking; this allowed all visitors to see how many other users were looking at that same deal at that exact same time. The company saw both improved conversions rates (+8%) and revenue (+19%). 1

Just a few ways that you can leverage Google Analytics Real-Time reporting to determine the impact of your marketing initiatives.





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