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Google Analytics – Behaviour Standard Reporting

With the new roll out of the Google Analytics platform, like with anything, will take some time warming up too. Google has redeveloped the Analytics dashboard and more specifically the standard reporting layouts; Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversion now exist under standard reporting and can be leveraged to provide valuable insight to consumer website engagement. One report in particular is user behaviour focused and can provide Marketers with what site content is working and what’s not.

The behaviour flow chart displays user traffic levels and navigation once on a site. This report gives many options to segment traffic including: a single page view, an event (video or download), source or medium. As a marketer this aspect of the report can be used to gauge success of recently implemented site changes providing eyes on user behaviour both before and after coming across set landing page. As the behaviour flow chart is presented as a visual, marketers are provided with a topline view of user behaviour and should be able to determine wins and misses at a glance.

Analytics allows us to take a deeper dive into engagement by simply clicking a path, for instance organic, user volume, drop offs and next steps are displayed.

The other reporting options are as follows:

Site Content – pagevews, time on page, entrances, bounce rate

Site Speed – Loadtime by: browser, Region, Landing Page

Site Search – Usage (Frequency/Volume), Search Terms, Pages

Events – Track CTAs and engagement tactics on website. Category, action, label

Adsense – track ads that have been displayed on your website. Pages, referrers, exit pages

Experiments – test variations of landing pages based on goal conversions

In-Page analytics – visual breakdown of users “clickthroughs” once on a¬†landing page. Based on percentage of overall visits.

This insight can be leveraged to improve user engagement on a given site. Points to consider upon analysis (as outlined by Google 1):
1) Did visitors go right from product pages to checkout without any additional shopping?

2) Is there an event that is always triggered first? Does it lead visitors to more events or more pages?

3) Are there paths through your site that are more popular than others, and if so, are those the paths that you want visitors to follow?

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