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Google’s Yellow Ad Icon in Paid Search

After recently launching on mobile devices, Google has rolled out the yellow ad icon to desktop search.  What originated as a test on mobile devices a few months ago the test has now carried over to desktops.  One can only assume that initial test results on mobile search were a success.

The yellow ad icon, which appears on each ad above the organic results and at the top of the ads to the site of organic, stands out considerably on the page.  It is difficult not to notice the icon when browsing through a results page.  Which begs the question: Will searchers react differently to search ads now that ads are easily identified as such?  Google never did hide the fact that ads where among search engine results however the indicator wasn’t as prominent in appearance as the new yellow icon.

As search marketers we must ask how will this impact my paid search campaign?  To be honest, it’s too early to tell.  It is difficult to image a scenario where Google would move forward with a change such as this that would detract searchers from clicking on a paid search ad.

Again, this is a test so we could see further changes made to the icon, perhaps in size, shape or colour.  Whatever the future holds for the yellow ad icon­, we can safely assume that it will be in Google’s best interests.



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