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IfMobile / IfNotMobile

With the introduction of Enhanced campaigns, creating mobile-only or device specific campaigns is no longer a checkbox option. While you can still create mobile specific ads and sitelinks and direct users to a mobile website using the mobile preferred option when creating ads and sitelinks, this option is not available at the keyword level. So how do you direct users to a device specific landing page if you are using different destination URLs at the keyword level? The solution is with Google’s ValueTrack parameters.

With ValueTrack, you can add parameters to your destination URLs. Notably, you should become familiar with the new {ifnotmobile} and {device} parameters and change to the {ifmobile} parameter.


{ifnotmobile} is a new ValueTrack parameter which evaluates on clicks coming from both desktop and tablets. The {ifmobile} parameter will now only evaluate on clicks from mobile devices only and not from tablets and mobile devices as previously.

These parameters can be used to direct visitors to a device-specific landing page.

For example, the following destination URL would direct a user to the mobile site if the click came from a mobile device.


Note that http:// should not be included inside the curly brackets.


The {device} parameter can be inserted into your URL such as{device}. AdWords will replace {device} with ‘m’ for mobile, ‘t’ for tablets and ‘c’ for computers. This will allow you to track performance by device in your web tracking system.

These values can also be used to set up your website to identify the URL parameter ‘device=m’ and redirect to the mobile site.

These ValueTrack features will help you achieve your advertising goals and make upgrading to enhanced campaigns easier by allowing you to direct users to device specific landing pages and tracking performance by device.



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