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Negative Keywords Discovery For Your PPC Campaign

Recently a colleague asked me how I find negative keywords for PPC campaigns.  He was working on a new build for a campaign that has yet to be in market so there was no historical data to refer to.

If researched properly, negative keywords should have a positive impact on your campaign’s metrics and ROI in addition to ensuring that your ads are appearing to searchers that are truly interested in your product or service.  It’s worth mentioning that negative keyword discovery is not a one-time thing and should be an ongoing process.

Well, here are three free and easy ways to find negative keywords for your campaign, whether it is already in market or not.

 1. Use the Search Query Box for Suggestions

Type your keyword into the search query box and view the suggestions that are displayed in the drop-down list.  Although the list is intended to help speed up the search process, for search marketers it can double as a keyword tool.

In the example below, Bing search drop-down list offers more suggestions that could be of value for negative keyword selection.  In this particular example, perhaps you do not want your ad appearing for a search query that includes the term ‘recall’.




 [JW1]Wording issue.

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