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Optimizing for Display Network

Display Network Optimization

When creating an AdWords campaign, you can select either the Search Network, Display Network or both. Since both networks are very different, you should always create a separate campaign for each specific network. The audience targeted on the Display Network is generally earlier in the buying cycle and not actively searching for a product or service as with the Search Network. A Display Network campaign can be a great complement to your Search campaign and extend your reach. When used properly, the Display Network can be effective in targeting the right audience by placing ads on relevant websites and in front of people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. With different targeting options available, here are some points to consider when optimizing a Display Network campaign.


The Keyword Search Terms report is valuable when optimizing for the Search Network. When it comes to the Display Network, keywords provide limited insight. The placements tab is one of the first places I go to when optimizing. Determining which sites your ads are being displayed on and how they are performing on those sites is valuable information for optimizing. By identifying which placements are performing poorly, they can be excluded from the campaign. Furthermore, placements can also be selected with Managed Placements and only placements returning desired results can be targeted.

Ad Formats

In addition to the same text ads used on the Search Network, image, video and rich media formats can also be used on the Display Network. Using these formats can make your ads more visually appealing and engaging for users. Try using different colours and sizes and testing different variations. Ad sizes can vary across placements and using all standard sizes will ensure your ads are placed on the most relevant sites. Once you have identified high performing placements, images ads can also be tailored to complement the design of those websites.

Custom Bids

Adjust your bids by using custom bids for each targeting method. Bids can be increased for placements, topics or any targeting method returning strong results. Conversely, bids can be decreased for underperforming targeting methods.


Ads can also be targeted by topic to display ads on websites with content related to selected topics relevant to your product or service. Topics can be targeted individually or combined with placements or keywords.

Frequency Capping

Since click-through-rates are much lower on the Display Network, your ads receive more impressions. Overexposure of your ads can have a negative impact on your campaign. Setting a frequency cap will limit the number of times your ad is displayed to your target audience.

Once you have found which targeting options work best for your campaign, a new campaign can be created using the same targeting methods and maximizing your spend on a campaign returning stronger results.



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