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Paid Search Campaign Optimization Tips

Paid Search Campaign Optimization Tips


Paid Search Campaign Optimization Tips


Finding the time to optimize your paid search campaign can often be difficult when managing a number of paid search campaigns.  Here are a few optimization tips and ideas for your paid search campaigns when you find yourself with only a few minutes to spare throughout your busy workday.

Search Terms Report

With this report, find one metric, whether it be conversion, Avg. CPC or CTR,  to focus on and optimize against it.  If the goal is to improve CTR, then sort by Impressions and sift through the search queries.  Those that are returning high impressions, and low click volumes should be optimized against.  The same could be said for conversion metrics or Avg. CPC.  It’s important to take a deep dive into this report to discover negative keywords and keyword opportunities.  However, when battling time limitations, go through the keywords that are generating high volume of clicks or impressions.
The Search Terms report can be found by going to Campaigns > Keywords > Details > Search Terms > All

Hour of Day Report

Does your campaign perform better in the morning, afternoon, or night?  This report will provide deeper insights into the time of day when your ads are performing best.  Ensure that your budget is accommodating to the time of day when your ads return the greatest ROI.

The Hour of Day report can be found by going to Campaign> Dimensions > View > Time >  Hour of Day


Campaigns perform differently on the various networks.  Now, I’m not just referring to the Search and Display Network but also search partners on the Google Search Network.  Segment out campaign metrics by Network (with search partners) and verify the campaign’s performance on Search partner sites.  You may be surprised with the results.  Are the networks helping to achieve campaign objectives?

These metrics can be found at the Campaign, Ad Group, or Keyword level.  Campaign/ Ad Group/ Keyword > Settings > Networks (with Search partners)

Ad Delivery: Ad Rotation

This setting allows you to schedule which ads are shown more often.  Of course, there is not one setting that is best for all campaigns.  Depending on the campaign KPIs and objectives, there should be a setting that is right for your campaign.  There are four options, Optimize for Clicks, Optimize for conversions, Rotate Evenly, and Rotate indefinitely.  This setting should also be considered when new ad copy is introduced.

This setting can be found by going to Campaign > Settings > Advanced Settings > Ad Scheduling


These are but four simple methods to consider when optimizing your paid search campaign and should be used in conjunction with numerous other optimization tactics.   That is of course, if you have the time ;)




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