Search Engine Marketing Toronto Digital Agency

Search Marketing Agency Coordinator – Cat Herder

We’re looking for a coordinator possessed of five (5) basic skills:

  • Leadership skills to the point that had you time for a selfie, it would be from atop a horse, sword in hand and about to give that speech in that movie.
  • Multi-tasking capabilities to the point that octopi have approached you to develop their mentoring program.
  • Time management skills to the point your watch is set to picoseconds.
  • Math skills such that you only speak binary in the comfort of your own home.
  • Language and spelling proficiency so adept you read with your eyes closed.

Failing that, you understand this is an entry-level role in a boutique search and digital marketing agency that demands curiosity, passion, accountability, self-management and demonstrable skills for those whose resume states proficiency in various Microsoft products and social media.

The Role:

  • This role requires a committed self-starter to keep our team coordinated and on track with clients and accounts.
  • On a daily basis there will be team and clients tasks and asks to track and follow-up on, documents to update, communications to create and send, social media endeavours to manage, and meetings to coordinate
  • On a weekly/monthly basis, there will be meeting minutes to take, research to do, marketing/research and business documents to create, PowerPoint presentations to build, hours to track, and reports to generate.
  • No two dates are ever alike – no boredom here!


Who we are looking for:

  • You love the online world and are very curious.
  • You can work remotely and independently without supervision in a fast paced industry
  • You have post-secondary education either by degree or diploma in a related discipline along with business communications.
  • You proof every document before it leaves your desktop.
  • You have experience with sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • You have a demonstrated understanding of Search Marketing.
  • You are independent and tireless but like being part of and contributing to a team.
  • You have a strong work ethic and embrace the importance of “owning” your task.
  • You have an understanding of and commitment to deadlines.
  • You are happy with a can-do attitude, organized, and very quick to learn.


  • Familiar with Search Marketing principles and/or theory pertaining to SEO/SEM
  • Love and understand the powers of Digital Marketing and Social Media

Probationary Requirement:

  • AdWords Certification within 60 days of position commencement

Compensation – TBD

 How To Apply:

Please send your cover letter and resume to

Only those being interviewed will be contacted.  No phone calls please.