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The Accountability of Search

Shortly after I started working for Search Tactix, I asked our boss, Shane, what it was that so appealed to him about search marketing. His response was simple and direct: accountability.

This was a very early sign that I was working for the right company.

Accountability is very much a part of our every day and an integral part of search marketing in and of itself. Search is manageable and measurable to such a fine point, there is no way to pretend a campaign is performing well if it isn’t. The data doesn’t lie. We are accountable to our results.

While some may find this daunting, I find it somewhat liberating. For me, building a search campaign is a form of art. Studying the website, framing the campaign, creating ad groups, choosing keyword sets, writing the ad copy – all part of a creative process that hopefully ends in a masterpiece.

Masterpiece or not, I’ll soon find out. Search marketing is so immediate in its collection of data, once that campaign launches in market, we quickly see which parts of the aspiring masterpiece are compelling and which areas may be in need of some touch-ups.

For me, it’s rewarding to see a quantifiable response to the creative process because it makes it a far easier task to determine what can be improved upon now and going forward.

This accountability at the very core informs our whole business – accountability to the work, accountability to our clients and accountability to one another – and it makes it easy to see the rewards in our every day.

How nice it is to go into one’s workday knowing that at the end of it, you’ll have a very clear indicator of your success.

Thanks for reading.

Jason Wilcox

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