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If you’re new to the world of online and search marketing – and let’s face it, at one time we all are – it can sometimes be overwhelming to determine which search marketing resources of information you can trust. Also, in an industry that is changing and advancing in some new way literally every week, it becomes even harder to determine which industry and search marketing resources are providing the most up-to-date and current information.

Here are few sites that are more often up-to-date than not, as well as a couple of fundamental search marketing resources that should be firmly entrenched within everyone’s browser’s bookmarks.

Search Engine Watch – Regularly updated with news and updates about all facets of the industry, including SEO, PPC, Analytics and more. You’ll find great tips and information on the site, and this is definitely the site to visit for analysis that tests and challenges industry developments.

Search Engine Land – Search Engine Land (like Search Engine Watch) also covers the latest developments across the industry in PPC, SEO, Analytics, Social and more. However, Search Engine Land distinguishes itself by offering a number of various basic search marketing resources including overviews, how-to articles and even “guides” to Google and to Bing that track news related not only to the engines, but specific features they offer.

Google AdWords Certification Fundamentals – Whether you’ll be having someone else manage your Google AdWords campaign or doing it yourself, it’s important that you are in the know about how Google AdWords advertising works. If you’ll be managing your own campaign, the Fundamentals will provide an excellent primer on everything from campaign and ad group building, to keywords and bid management, to optimization and measurement. And even if you won’t be managing your own campaign, it will help guide you in asking the right questions of your search team in order for you to collectively build your business.

Bing Ads Training – While the fundamentals of search marketing are indeed similar across the board, knowing how Google works doesn’t mean you’ll know everything about how Yahoo/Bing works (and vice-versa). Not all features are offered by both ad platforms, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with any differences. Reviewing and studying their respective study aids is an excellent way to do that.

Mashable – More of a complement to the other sites listed, Mashable is often a great resource for news and updates within the social media sphere and greater tech world. The articles are varied and, for the most part, fairly regularly updated, though by the looks of it, the site hasn’t had much to say about Google+ for some time. If you’re in need of introductory primers on getting started with incorporating Facebook or Twitter into your overall digital strategy, check out the guides Mashable offers here.

There you have it – five excellent online marketing resources used across the industry and I’ll even offer you a bonus one to boot: Search Tactix, Inc. Yes, it’s true, this very site. Here at Search Tactix, Inc., we are in the trenches every day – strategizing and working to grow businesses across many verticals. When new features are offered by the search engines, we are immediately evaluating and testing for which accounts and campaigns they may be of the most benefit. And we’re happy to continue to share our expertise to help you grow your business, too.

Check back soon for more industry news and insights.



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