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What Playing Hockey Has Taught Me About My Job – Position

Part 2 – Position

One of the most important elements of any sport let alone hockey is your positioning. You must understand your role, where you need to be and also be aware of your opponents. In this second part of this blog series; ‘What Playing Hockey Has Taught Me About My Job” I will briefly discuss the pivotal role of position at not only an individual level but from a team perspective as well.

As a member of a team, each person has a specific role to play while working towards a common goal. Individually one must know their strengths & weaknesses each and every time they step into the office. Understanding what you bring to the table will enable you to contribute in areas that you excel while allowing you to raise a flag in areas in which you require an assist. Identifying these facets of your job from the onset allow your team to leverage your strengths and also provide support in the weaker areas; like any good team should.

Knowing the position of your team (company) is equally, if not more important than at the individual level. This is where you identify the value your company brings to both existing and prospective clients. Understanding the ins-and-outs of your industry, competitive levels and what it takes to effectively stand out amongst those competitors are all critical elements to position yourself with the best possible chance to succeed and thrive as a company in today’s world.

Like any great player or employee understanding the position both as an individual and a part of a team not only plays a pivotal role in personal growth but strongly reflects the attitudes, beliefs and practices of an effective and successful team.

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