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Why PPC is Better Than TV Advertising

PPC advertising has grown exponentially over the last decade but many companies have been slower to shift some of their TV media budgets to online paid search campaigns. While TV ads still remain important to reach larger audiences and create brand awareness, advertising budgets would be better spent by shifting more dollars to online campaigns. Here are some reasons why I believe PPC advertising is better than TV.


With PPC you can target specific keywords that are relevant to your product or service and only display your ads to people searching for those keywords. Ads can also be targeted to specific locations, languages or devices. While certain TV networks or shows may appeal to a particular demographic, targeting a TV ad to your target audience is not as precise as paid search.


While you may see a direct correlation with your sales and TV media spend, accurately measuring the performance of your TV ads is difficult. With PPC, you can easily track clicks and conversions in real time.


You can have a PPC campaign up and running in just a matter of hours but the amount of time to produce a TV commercial can take weeks or months.


The cost of producing and airing an ad for television can be prohibitive for many small businesses. With a paid search campaign, you can control your spend by setting a daily or monthly budget that fits your budget and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.


With paid search your ads are only displayed to people actively searching for a keyword related to your product or service at the exact moment they are interested and more likely to convert into a customer. While you may be reaching people in your target audience through a TV commercial, the chances they are in need of your product or service at that very moment are less likely.


With a PPC campaign, you can easily make changes to your ad copy, budget or targeting settings. Making changes to a TV commercial would be very time consuming and incur additional production costs.

With the growth of PVRs and Netflix, TV viewing habits are also changing. People can now record their favourite TV shows on their PVR and skip the commercials or watch them on Netflix without the commercials. These changes along with people increasingly turning to search engines to research products and services will make PPC an even better option to maximize ROI for your advertising budget.



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