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Search Tactix White Paper Highlights Canadian Search Marketing Analysis Of Yahoo! Bing Network and Google Around Seasonal Recipes

Canadian independent search marketing agency highlights an “apples to apples” comparative analysis between Google and The Yahoo! Bing Network relative to paid search and seasonal recipes

TORONTO, June 12, 2013 — Independent Toronto search marketing agency, Search Tactix Inc. ( today released a new white paper highlighting an “apples to apples” comparative analysis between Google and The Yahoo! Bing Network relative to paid search and engagement metrics around seasonal recipes.

Food For Thought: A Canadian Search Marketing Comparative Analysis explores the question: Can The Yahoo! Bing Network provide a viable competitive offering with reach efficiencies within the Canadian search marketing landscape?

The white paper addresses the findings of an identical campaign launched on Google and on the The Yahoo! Bing Network for seven (7) days in November 2012, specific to seasonal recipes.  Virtually identical keywords, ads, bids and landing pages were used for each campaign in evaluating reach opportunities, budget efficiencies, keyword deployment, click-through rates, engagement metrics and conversion goals.

Key Summary Findings

While Google maintains a sizeable reach lead, The Yahoo! Bing Network is competitive in providing audience and engagement efficiencies in Canada

  • All things being equal The Yahoo! Bing Network offers competitive cost efficiencies that extend beyond cost per click to cost per conversion
  • Search metrics alone do not tell the whole story
  • Search can provide a cost-efficient market entry point for new brands/products in creating awareness
  • CTR is not solely a function of keyword and creative but also a factor of adserving/ranking algorithms employed by each network

“That Google remains the undisputed search marketing leader in revenue, advertisers, reach, audience and myriad other indices is irrefutable,” states Shane Wagg, Search Tactix CEO & founder.  “But quantity does not always necessarily equate to quality and quality is not always only defined by a single attribute such as audience or scale.  We wanted to assess search marketing opportunities in a setting where all parameters where virtually the same except for the search engine channel itself.  Understanding this is a moment in time, a small test in a specific category we found the results enlightening, intriguing and we believe brand managers, small business owners and CPG category marketers in Canada will also feel the same.”

To download the white paper, please visit:

White Paper Methodology

A 37 page html microsite featuring 24 holiday season (Canadian Thanksgiving / Christmas) specific recipes and cooking tips was created.  The site was indexed in both Google and Bing / Yahoo with natural organic rankings sufficient to prove content viability.

Identical search campaigns were deployed with the same max CPC (cost-per-click), keyword match types, ad creative, landing page destinations, daily budget and 3,226 keyword variations.  The campaign ran for 7 days with budget parameters set to “accelerated” pacing.  Engagement metrics were measured through analytics and conversion metrics set to “print recipe” pages.