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FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  A Canadian Search Marketing Comparative Analysis

That Google remains the undisputed search marketing leader in revenue, advertisers, reach, audience and myriad other indices is irrefutable.  But quantity does not always necessarily equate to quality and quality is not always only defined by a single attribute such as audience or scale.  And a search is only the beginning of the acquisition process.

The right message to the right person at the right time.

Specific to desktop search marketing, The Yahoo! Bing Network is currently seen as the only real competition to Google however, with Google search market share at approximately 67% and The Yahoo! Bing Network shared results at 27% share* (In Canada, 85% Google versus 6% Yahoo! Bing Network**) search marketers and brand managers display a tendency to default search marketing budget allocation first and foremost to Google.

Beyond budget, Canadian search marketers and brand managers typically take their lead from research data and headlines borne of US or UK data and media sources, with little Canada specific data available.  This is in fact true of Google and The Yahoo! Bing Network themselves, with case studies, white papers and product betas proffered to the Canadian market with few or no Canadian reference points.

A single question:  Can The Yahoo! Bing Network provide a viable competitive offering with reach efficiencies within the Canadian search marketing landscape?

To answer this, we created a content rich, seasonally focused recipe site*** and launched identical two phase campaigns on both Google and The Yahoo! Bing Network over seven days in November, 2012.  The primary metrics examined were CPC efficiencies, budget efficiencies, keyword deployment, click-through rates, engagement metrics and conversion goals.



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