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Search Engine Strategies – Our Approach

Search engine strategies necessarily must vary by search engine.  A local search engine strategy varies from that of an organic search engine strategy or a paid search strategy.  Similarly a data feed for Ebay looks markedly different from that of Google – just ask any affiliate manager.

Search engines vary in and of themselves.  Ebay is a search engine.  Google is a search engine.  Bing is a search engine.  But so too is  Wikipedia leans more towards an information engine.  And Amazon is a commerce engine.  MLS listings are a realtor search engine, but a search engine nevertheless.  And then of course myriad travel, vehicle and stock engines.

Each requires its own strategy.

What Bing lacks in scale versus Google, it may make up for in conversions, cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion or engagement points so ultimately the two engines should have differing strategies.

One need only look at organic results to understand immediately that geography, TLDs and server location are ranking factors between and, making them from a digital marketing perspective, different search engines yielding different results.

Our search engine strategies approach is marketing informed by search.  Search in concert with web analytics is easily the most informative, accessible and malleable resource in the digital marketing arsenal.  It is also the most expansive focus group available highlighting both what is and what’s not working, and managed correctly, allows for insight into deficits.

Our approach is mirrored by our people, each with accredited skillsets across paid and organic search and web analytics that extend into display, retargeting, remarketing, social media and beyond.