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Web Analytics – Web analytics, is the measurement of data to enable a more complete understanding of site usage, and applying it to maximize opportunity. Online marketing initiatives get people to a web site; web analytics help us better understand how they move through a web site.

Paid Search Marketing – Immediately accessible with relative ease of implementation, paid search or PPC, the pay-per-click component of search engine marketing, is defined by buying searches or keyword on a search engine based on relevance and on competition.

SEO – SEO is ultimately an exercise in brand discoverability for humans and search technologies alike. Without the technical aspect of SEO, your site may not rank within natural search engine results thus failing to drive traffic to your site; and without content relevance, users won’t engage
with your site.

Content Marketing – Content is king.  Always has been.  From a search perspective, search engines have always defaulted to text and relevance – which helps explains why Wikipedia so often shows up as a first result of an information based search.  Content marketing at its best provides contextual relevance.

Display Advertising – Display banner ads are like weeds in a contextual forest; rarely noticed until they become annoying.  Display advertising through search seeks to contain the media message to make a good impression — and who wouldn’t want to make a good impression?

Conversion Optimization – Conversion optimization is the sound of a cash register drawer opening and closing.  Again and again.  Part art, part science, part instinct and all nuance, conversion optimization is the process and practice of building sites, strategies and campaigns with measurable outcomes in mind.

Local Search Marketing – The proliferation of devices and increased attention to local search by the search engines means increased focus on tactix to drive consumers to the phone, or a retail location.  And that ultimately means having all your local search signals aligned.

Social Media Strategies – Besides being an overused buzz term, social media and social media marketing is functionally the process of garnering traffic, attention and engagement through social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing could probably more aptly be defined as device marketing.  Usage and habituation by device whether search, display or mobile marketing initiatives are critical in a big data world as what works in one may not apply to the other.

Customer Acquisition – There are two types of customers in this world, those who purchase from you and those who purchase the same thing from someone else.  Customer acquisition is about getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time… and under the right circumstances.

Web Design – Good web design satisfies a brand manager.  Great web design anticipates the user’s next logical action on their journey of discovery.  Responsive web design, while currently and typically device focused should be the brand manager’s mantra, but based on the user.