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Web Analytics

What Are Web Analytics?

Peter Drucker said it best: What gets measured gets managed.  What gets managed gets measured.  And Avinash Kausik has made a career of applying it in no-nonsense terms any marketer should be able to understand.  Analytics, web analytics, is the measurement of data to enable a more complete understanding of site usage, and applying it to maximize opportunity.  Online marketing initiatives get people to a web site; web analytics help us better understand how they move through a web site.

Search Tactix Web Analytics Services

Web analytics are the proverbial canary in the coalmine able to convey what’s working and what’s not, and in relatively short order.  What you can expect from your Search Tactix team is an accredited web analytics team lead fully invested in your brand or product resulting in subject matter expertise that moves your content marketing brand dialogue forward based on best practices and defined campaign metrics and measurable outcomes.

How We Do What We Do For Web Analytics

Whether for web analytics, content marketing, web design, paid search, mobile campaigns, local marketing initiatives, SEO, display through search, social media, or beyond, our analytics process starts with three critical components:  your web analytics, your audience and your business goals.

Web Analytics Technical Audit

For web analytics to be trusted, they must first be accurate and then they must provide actionable insights that move the business forward in a logical, measurable progression.  The technical audit ensure veracity, assessing components that may include tagging, situational issues, session tracking, multiple analytics installation, query parameters, configuring custom reports, segmentation and filtering, and more.

Web Analytics Business Rules Audit

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the ultimate measure of success and performance.  They must however be aligned to business goals and rules.  Facebook “likes” and LinkedIn associations, while a measure of popularity are typically not a business driver.  Impressions while a business driver for reach media such as broadcast are perhaps the poorest indicator for paid search.  The web analytics business rules audit aligns digital goals to those of the business through all points of contact to create success and move business drivers forward.

Web Analytics Reporting

The measure of success through analytics is immediate with KPI development specific to pages visited, time spent and bounce rates.  If consumers land and immediately leave, clearly, the content is not compelling.  Succeed once and you have as sale.  Succeed with the same user again and again, and you have a niche.  Succeed again and again with multiple customers and you have a business.  The development of a user-friendly, accessible web analytics dashboard based on key and compelling metrics is as critical as getting the data and the business rules aligned.

What You Can Expect

From your web analytics management you can expect:

  • Deeper consumer insight through analytics
  • Increased engagement accountable to analytics
  • Increased traffic and visitors strategy
  • Increased calls, leads or sales aligned to defined KPIs
  • Digital efficiencies that dovetail with all search initiatives


From your Search Tactix team you can expect:

  • Web analytics accreditation
  • A commitment to your success
  • A defined scope of work
  • Accountability to KPIs
  • Search subject matter expertise extending through content marketing to include      paid search, SEO, content, mobile, display strategy and analytics

For your free web analytics management quote or an informative search dialogue, we welcome your call @ 1-800-994-4568 or fill out our quick quote form and someone will contact you within two (2) business days.