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Lead Acquisition

What Is Customer Acquisition?

There are two types of customers in this world, those who purchase from you and those who purchase the same thing from someone else.  Customer acquisition is about getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time… and under the right circumstances.  The right product at the wrong price does not an acquisition make.  The right service offering without the right credentials does not an acquisition make.  (Ask your hair stylist to handle your next dental check up.)

Search Tactix Customer Acquisition Services

The four P’s of marketing are actually five.  Price, product, placement, promotion and perhaps in this age of social media as never before, people.  And as much as any one can lead to an acquisition, any one can be a lead inhibitor or conversion killer.  The wrong price.  The wrong placement.  The wrong promotion.  The product.  The wrong people.  So, so many things to get wrong and so few opportunities to get customer acquisition right.  That’s where we come in.  From your Search Tactix team, you can expect a lead generation and acquisition strategy based on best practices, define campaign metrics and KPIs and measurable outcomes.

How We Do What We Do For Customer Acquisition Strategies

Whether for paid search, mobile campaigns, local marketing initiatives, SEO, display through search, social media, or beyond, our process always starts with same three assets:  your site, your audience and your business goals.

Asset Analysis & Audit

Clear delineation of your site, your audience and your business goals allows us to conduct thorough presearch to better understand your target audience’s process of digital usage, discovery and habituation. We study the market, seasonal trends and competitors to develop an overall customer acquisition and marketing strategy that will deliver an optimal experience resulting in clear points of engagement in determining the value points of each digital channel from email to paid search, organic search, mobile, display and social signals.

Customer Acquisition Strategy Development

The journey of a thousand sales begins with a single click.  Or call.  From a foundation of keywords, content landing pages, actions or app downloads, each conversion optimization campaign is unique based on clearly defined goals and tailored ad copy specific to device, location and of course user intent within budget parameters and conversion (action) goals.

Customer Acquisition Reporting Through Analytics

While search, display and social marketing gets users to a site, analytics helps define how users process through a web site.  User engagement and customer acquisition is measured from all digital marketing initiatives through engagement metrics including specific goals and conversions with both (PPC and analytics) reported via a customized user-friendly dashboard.

What You Can Expect

From your customer acquisition strategy you can expect:

  • Quantified traffic through defined budget parameters
  • Increased traffic and visitors
  • Increased calls, leads or sales aligned to defined KPIs
  • Increased engagement accountable to analytics
  • Digital efficiencies that dovetail with all search initiatives


From your Search Tactix team you can expect:

  • A commitment to your success
  • A defined scope of work
  • Accountability to KPIs
  • Simplified, reporting with an established cadence
  • Search subject matter expertise extending through customer acquisition, paid search, SEO, content, mobile, display strategy and analytics

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