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What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local search is the difference between a pizza recipe and pizza parlour.  One is defined by ingredients in your pantry while the other, by proximity to your doorstep.  The proliferation of devices and increased attention to local search by the search engines themselves means increased focus on tactix that drive consumers to the phone, or a retail location.  And that means having all your local search signals aligned, from your places pages to your FB strategy, to the tweets sent out o’er the twittersphere. 

Search Tactix Local Search Engine Optimization

Our local search marketing capabilities seek to expand search engine traffic with focus on granular market by market initiatives.  A retailer with several locations in the same city or town may share commonality in products, but differentiation in location, phone number and even in seasonal promotions.  What you can expect from your Search Tactix team is a customized local SEO strategy designed based on your assets, management and optimization based on search best practices and defined campaign metrics and KPIs.

How We Do What We Do For Local Search

Whether for local search, PPC, SEO, social media, mobile marketing or beyond, our process always starts with same three assets:  your site, your audience and your business goals.  And in the case of local search it also includes your physical locations.

Asset Audit & Analysis

Whether a single retail location, multiple locations in a one area, hundreds of locations across the country or myriad locations around the world, aligning local search to existing assets, your audience and your business goals affords a better understanding of your target audience and search habituation.  We study the market, seasonal trends, competitors and your analytics data to develop a local search strategy that will deliver a regionally customized strategy incorporating localized search marketing best practices for both SEO and paid search.


Local Search Marketing Strategy Development & Management

Borrowing from the success of paid search and SEO driving visitors to a web site, local search campaigns at their simplest serve to engage visitors quite literally where they live with targeted messaging based on their site visit.  The more targeted the message, the more likely a positive result including a coupon download, a phone call or a store visit based on user needs.

Local Search Reporting Through Analytics

As with paid search and SEO, user engagement from local search campaigns is ultimately measured through engagement metrics including specific goals and conversions with all elements (display, PPC and analytics) reported in concert and in context via a user-friendly dashboard.


Local Search Optimization

With myriad physical locations, click to call opportunities and keyword drivers, ad and cost-per-click combinations and permutations, display through search campaign optimization focuses on optimizing to capitalize on efficiencies throughout the life of the campaign which may include seasonality, promotions, budget parameters and more.


What You Can Expect

From your display through search retargeting strategy you can expect:

  • Increased qualified impressions
  • Increased traffic and visitors
  • Insight into local search by market or region
  • Increased leads or sales (if that is a defined KPI)
  • Increased engagement accountable to analytics
  • Budget efficiencies that dovetail with PPC campaign KPIs


From your Search Tactix team you can expect:

  • A commitment to your success
  • A defined scope of work
  • Accountability to KPIs
  • Simplified, reporting with an established cadence
  • Search subject matter expertise extending beyond local search to PPC, SEO, content, strategy and analytics


For your free local search optimization strategy quote or an informative search dialogue, we welcome your call @ 1-800-994-4568 or fill out our quick quote form and someone will contact you within two (2) business days.