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Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Search engine optimization isn’t so much a thing as a process of presenting web site content, code and architecture in a format immediately accessible to both search engines and to site users alike.  Without the technical aspect of SEO, your site may not rank within natural search engine results thus failing to drive traffic to your site; and without content relevance, users won’t engage with your site.  SEO is ultimately an exercise in brand discoverability for humans and search technologies alike.

Search Tactix SEO Services

Our search engine optimization techniques have been honed through years of expertise and application, after all, our first successful SEO strategy was implemented in 1996 and 15 years later, search is at our core.  What you can expect from your Search Tactix team is insight and strategic implementation designed specifically to (ethically) drive users to your site and improve ROI resulting from organic search drivers.

How We Do What We Do For SEO

Whether for search engine optimization, paid search, display, social media, mobile marketing or beyond, our process always starts with same three assets:  your site, your audience and your business goals.


Clear delineation of your site, your audience and your business goals allows us to conduct thorough presearch to better understand your target audience’s process of search discovery. We study the market, seasonal trends, competitors to develop a keyword strategy that will deliver an optimal search experience resulting in clear points of engagement.

Technical Audit

A three point audit focuses on your site assets, how they are interpreted by the search engines, and how they are tracked through analytics to identify any technical issues that may prohibit SEO success.

Content Optimization

Ultimately there are two types of content.  Content you have accounted for and content you haven’t accounted for.  Beyond optimization your content and digital assets, we’ll also make recommendations around content deficits that might better position your search engine optimization strategy for success.


KPI Development

Our measure of SEO success come down to clicks, visits and ROI and much as with paid search, we believe that any search engine optimization strategy should demand accountability on a cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-visitor (CPV) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis with clear visibility through analytics.


What You Can Expect

From your search engine optimization strategy you can expect:

  • Increased traffic and visitors
  • Increased leads or sales (if that is a defined KPI)
  • Increased engagement accountable to analytics
  • Sustained results over time
  • Search efficiencies that dovetail with PPC initiatives


From your Search Tactix team you can expect:

  • A commitment to your success
  • A defined scope of work
  • Accountability to KPIs
  • Simplified, reporting with an established cadence
  • Search subject matter expertise extending beyond SEO to paid search, content, strategy and analytics


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