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Social Media

What Is Social Media?

Besides being a buzz term, social media and social media marketing is functionally the process of garnering traffic, attention and engagement through social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.  In digital marketing parlance media is deemed paid (paid search / tv / print), owned (Facebook page, YouTube Channels / Web site) and earned (viral YouTube video / retweet / FB like).  While social media may well be the currency of the day, close attention needs to be paid to assess whether it is actually generating revenue and putting money in the bank.

Search Tactix Social Media Strategy Services

The construct of a social media strategy is threefold: the idea, the channel and the measurement on return.   Any social media campaign has to be designed with results at the fore.  We rank as one of Canada’s top ten social media agencies and what you can expect from your Search Tactix team is insight and strategic implementation designed specifically to (ethically) drive users to your site and improve ROI resulting from social content and signals.

How We Do What We Do For Social Media

Whether for social media, search engine optimization, paid search, display, mobile marketing or beyond, our process always starts with same three assets:  your site, your audience and your business goals.

The Big Idea

Food porn, cats, zombies, vampires, flora, fauna and architecture all have their place on the interwebs but more likely than not, they will never be the cornerstone of your social media strategy.  The “big idea” is ultimately one that drives your business forward: the right message to the right audience through the right vehicle.  And the big idea is ultimately one that can be measured based on KPI’s developed from the outset.  We study the market, your competitors and the media channel to develop a strategy that will deliver and optimal social media experience resulting in clear points of engagement.


Social Media Campaign Development & Management

In concert with, or independent of, your digital agency and key brand constituents, our social media strategy development aligns to your customers’ rules of engagement, what they want from you as defined by existing analytics data.

Social Media Audit

Social media signals, or “hearing” is hearing, understanding and responding to what consumers or prospects are saying about you.  The good fosters loyalty; the bad fosters innovation; and the ugly fosters changes in business practices.  The social medium is the message and a clear understanding of where you, and your competitors exist on the customer continuum is a critical early factor in determining opportunity and strategy.


KPI Development

Our measure of social media success comes down to demanding demonstrable accountability on engagement.  How many likes?  How many retweets?  How many views?  Downloads?  Each represents a cost value on a prescribed KPI basis with clear visibility through analytics.


What You Can Expect

From your social media strategy you can expect:

  • Increased engagement accountable to analytics
  • Increased traffic and visitors
  • Increased leads or sales (if that is a defined KPI)
  • Social media efficiencies that dovetail with PPC initiatives

From your Search Tactix team you can expect:

  • A commitment to your success
  • A defined scope of work
  • Accountability to KPIs
  • Simplified, reporting with an established cadence
  • Subject  matter expertise extending beyond social media to analytics, SEO, paid search, content, strategy and analytics


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