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Web Design

What Is Web Design?

That question should actually be what is good web design.  For Amazon, good web design facilitates a purchase with ease – to the point of patenting the one click-purchase.  For Wikipedia, good web design anticipates providing a response to information.  For Bing, good web design anticipates a pending search request.  Good web design has exactly one job to do: anticipate the user’s need.  Great web design anticipates the user’s next logical action on their journey of discovery.  The web has been nothing if not disruptive to the stock market, directories, retail, hotels, travel and more and yet more often than not, brands seem to take their online cues from their handling of tv and print.  Responsive web design, while currently device focused should be the brand manager’s mantra, but based on the user.

Search Tactix Web Design Services

If any search campaign is to be executed on the heels of a new site launch, the site must be search friendly as site content will necessarily affect both natural search results and paid search quality scores.  Search engines index web pages, not web sites.  While web design is not a core competency, we have web design partnerships and our service offering includes pre-launch audits and overviews.  What you can expect from your Search Tactix team is a comprehensive searchscape that lends itself to intuitive web design based on prescribed goals and measurable outcomes.

How We Do What We Do For Web Design

Whether for web design, paid search, mobile campaigns, local marketing initiatives, SEO, display through search, social media, or beyond, our process always starts with same three assets:  your assets, your audience and your business goals.

Asset Analysis & Audit

Clear delineation of your assets,  your audience and your business goals allows us to conduct thorough presearch to better understand your target audience’s process of digital usage, discovery and habituation. We study the market, seasonal trends and competitors to develop an overall customer acquisition and web site design strategy that will deliver an optimal experience resulting in clear points of engagement in determining the value points of each digital channel from email to paid search, organic search, mobile, display and social signals.

Web Design Development

The journey of a thousand sales begins with a single click.  Or call.  From a foundation of keywords, market understanding and KPI objectives, our web design partnerships focus on first defining the job and then getting it done on time, on budget and on point.

Web Design Through Analytics

Too much focus on pure data analysis driving web design runs the risk of dehumanizing the online experience, unless you happen to subscribe to the Nate Silver or Michael Lewis schools of thought.  While analytics should not solely define web design, they can do much to intuitively inform the design process.

What You Can Expect

From your web design prelaunch strategy you can expect:

  • Insight through analytics
  • Increased traffic and visitors strategy
  • Design to build increased calls, leads or sales aligned to defined KPIs
  • Increased engagement accountable to analytics
  • Digital efficiencies that dovetail with all search initiatives


From your Search Tactix team you can expect:

  • A commitment to your success
  • A defined scope of work
  • Accountability to KPIs
  • Search subject matter expertise extending through customer acquisition, paid search, SEO, content, mobile, display strategy and analytics

For your free web design prelaunch strategy quote or an informative search dialogue, we welcome your call @ 1-800-994-4568 or fill out our quick quote form and someone will contact you within two (2) business days.